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Sea Smoke, a spectacular vineyard in the heart of Santa Rita Hills where Pinot Noir thrives. They produce several bottlings and all have earned outstanding marks.

Sea Smoke, named after the billowing ocean fog that snakes through the valley, comprises 100 acres of Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara's newest appellation, the Santa Rita Hills. The vineyard is planted on a steep, rocky, south-facing grade.

The finest wine is called Ten; it takes its name from the 10 different Pinot clones in the vineyard. Botella, a second wine, is named after the predominant soil type. Southing reflects the direction the vineyard faces. Total production is expected to reach 15,000 cases.

Sea Smoke TEN 2015 $149.99

Ten is named for the ten Pinot Noir clones found on our estate vineyard. Our most masculine wine, it is brooding and intense, with firm, mature tannins and a long, velvety finish. Ten is not for the faint-of-heart and has been known, on occasion, to convert even the most fanatic Cabernet lover.

A brooding and intense wine. The dark fruit dominant aromas begin with notes of cola, Black Cherry and Blueberry, then some Asian spice, chocolate and a hint of Rose petals. Firm, mature tannins—evidence of Ten’s ageability—are followed by a long, velvety finish.

Sea Smoke SOUTHING 2015 $99.99

Southing refers to the south-facing hillside bluffs found on our estate vineyard. Each year, our goal for this wine is to create the ideal marriage of complexity and elegance. Southing is a true expression of the terroir of Sea Smoke Vineyard: seductive flavors and fine tannins complimented by cool climate acidity.

Each year, our goal for Southing is to create the ideal marriage of complexity and elegance. The ever-changing nose of the Southing exhibits dark fruits, such as Blackberry and plum skin, as well as some baking spice and fresh flowers (Violet & Lilac). The fine tannins and minerality are enhanced by our estate vineyard’s characteristic cool climate acidity.

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